What you need to start programming

Maybe you never used microcontrollers, and maybe you just started building small projects with electronic components. Today you want to use microcontrollers to develop powerful and clever applications, but you don't really know how to start easily and what you need...

You will first need a microcontroller ! In order to begin easily, I recommend you to use DIP package devices, and as I want you to learn with the powerful Freescale S08 familly, I strongly recommend to purchase the MC9S08SH8 microcontroller, which is available in 20 pins DIP package. It is a nice device with some interresting peripherals and it's why I use it in the Freescale CodeWarrior for total beginners tutorial on this website.

It is also possible to purchase the MC9S08QD4 (8 pins DIP package) or the MC9S08QG8 (8 or 16 pins DIP package, 3.3V power supply), which are also interresting microcontrollers to begin with Freescale components.

Programming microcontrollers requires to get a programming cable. MyFreescaleWebPage recommends the USBDM. It is possible to build it, but for beginners, and specially if you never used SMD components, I recommend to get this simple but powerful cable from BlackBoxStudio seller on eBay: Freescale Debugger Programmer for HCS08 HCS12 Coldfire V1.

MyFreescaleWebPage also proposes its own USBDM. It is based on "USBDM_SWD_JS16CWJ" schematic from PGO and is able to program HCS08, HCS12, COldfire V1 and Kinetis SWD microcontrollers. This makes it a very good choice if you want to begin with Freescale microcontrollers! Checkout!

You will finally need some basic parts depending what you want to do: resistors, capacitors, LEDs, switches, transistors, motors, buzzer... If you already practise electronic, you should already have those components.

In order to connect and power all those components, you will need a breadboard and a simple power supply. It is possible to find different models. If you want to purchase a breadboard I can recommend you to have a look on iMall website: iMall Breadboards.

Some simple wires, a flat-nose and a diagonal pliers will complete your lab.

Now you are ready to begin, you can immediatly start learning on S08 Freescale devices with CodeWarrior following my Freescale CodeWarrior for total beginners tutorial.