Freescale CodeWarrior for total beginners

1. Presentation

You are a beginner, and today you want to build large, powerful and clever applications around microcontrollers. Unfortunately, you don't know exactly how to start using those devices. Moreover, you don't want to spend time to configure your computer or your developing environment, you want to start programming and debugging immediately.

In this tutorial, you will create a simple application written in C language to make a LED blinking. You will be able to load this application in a microcontroller and run it step by steps, spying the memory and the registers, and more.

This tutorial will use a simple but powerful microcontroller available in DIP package, the S08SH8 device, which is very interesting to start on a simple breadboard. Only some few basic components are required to get it working.

2. Download the tutorials

  • Step 1: Installing Freescale CodeWarrior - Revision 1.4, 2014-10-19
  • Step 2: Using the USBDM - Revision 1.6, 2014-10-19
  • Step 3: Freescale CodeWarrior for total beginners - Revision 2.0, 2013-02-26