TheUno & BigBrother Overview

Sure you know what Arduino is: a great plateform based on a microcontroller and on which it is possible to connect some "shields" to create nice applications, with SD-Card, Ethernet, WiFi, LCD, keyboard, actuators.... The Arduino is really apreciated by beginners and artists which are able to program and create projects easily, thanks to the tools and various shields available today.

However, when you want to program a microcontroller, you may need to debug your application, by running the program step-by-step, spying the memory or the registers, inserting breakpoints, and more. All those things are not possible with the Arduino and its development environment.

This is why MyFreescaleWebPage created TheUno: a development board designed for both beginners and advanced users, compatible with most of the Arduino shields, and with an integrated, powerful and open source debugging cable !

Finally, in order to build larger projects, we created BigBrother and BigBrother-USB, two development boards based on powerful 32-bits microcontrollers, and the first Arduino compatible boards with two shield slots in order to always add more and more peripherals !