Using the USBDM

1. Presentation

The USBDM is an open source programming cable for Freescale microcontrollers released by PGO. Several hardware versions are available depending of the targets you want to program. All source files, firmware, schematics are available on Thus, it is possible to build your own USBDM.

MyFreescaleWebPage proposes its own USBDM. It is based on "USBDM_SWD_JS16CWJ" schematic from PGO and is able to program HCS08, HCS12, Coldfire V1 and Kinetis SWD microcontrollers. This makes it a very good choice if you want to begin with Freescale microcontrollers! Checkout!

It is also possible to find sometimes USBDM on eBay.

The USBDM is used in the Freescale CodeWarrior for total beginners tutorial available on this website.

Finally note that TheUno and BigBrother evaluation boards are based on the USBDM. An integrated serial port is used to communicate with the target.

2. Using the USBDM

MyFreescaleWebPage recommends the last USBDM firmware. The following document help you installing and using your USBDM.

Tutorial - Using the USBDM - Revision 1.6, 2014-10-19