Hi everybody, welcome to my website !

The goal on those pages is to share tutorials, projects and easy to understand sample codes for Freescale microcontrollers. Both beginners and advanced users will be able to find what they are looking for thanks to the diversity of what is published on this website !

My website proposes three personal evaluation boards: TheUno, BigBrother and BigBrother-USB. Those evaluation boards are based on the USBDM and designed to be used with Arduino shields. Thus, they will be very interresting for people starting with Freescale microcontrollers and also for experimented people looking for a simple way to prototype projets!

Click here to immediately discover TheUno, BigBrother and BigBrother-USB !

The USBDM proposed by MyFreescaleWebPage is back in stock!!! Order now!

Learn and use any HD44780 Compatible LCDs with TheUno and DFRobot LCD Keypad Shield thanks to this new article!

MyFreescaleWebPage reaches 1000 visits per month in January 2015! I'd like to express my sincere thanks to all my visitors and this is the opportunity to share about your favorite pages on my website:
1. Saleae USB Logic Analyser clone, a simple and powerful logic analyser;
2. Web Server with W5100 device and SD-Card, a project build with TheUno, my Arduino-like evaluation board which is also used since few months at the university to teach microcontrollers! The source code of the web server has been downloaded more than 1000 times in 2014;
3. Freescale CodeWarrior and USBDM for total beginners, some tutorials to help you starting with Freescale microcontrollers. About 480 downloads in 2014, Freescale community is growing!

Following update to CodeWarrior V10.6 and USBDM V4.10.6.200, I was no more able to perform programming and debugging with CodeWarrior. It was because I have installed CodeWarrior in Program Files directory (I'm used to to do it). From now, I advice people to keep default CodeWarrior installation directory. If you have this kind of issues, uninstalled CodeWarrior and the USBDM and perform a fresh installation. More information on Freescale Forums.

My CodeWarrior and USBDM installation tutorials have been updated.

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