Saleae USB Logic Analyser clone

1. Presentation

Saleae proposes a nice Logic Analyser with 8 channels and many features thanks to a well designed software.

The analyser from Saleae is built around the CY7C68013A USB device from Cypress and does not contain any specific firmware. An EEPROM is connected to the I2C interface of the chip and is used to set the VID and PID values of the USB peripheral. The eight inputs of the analyser correspond to the port B of the CY7C68013A device. Thats all!

2. Building your own clone of the Saleae Logic Analyser

I get the following CY7C68013A board from eBay.

First replace the EEPROM with a new 24LC16 (it seems that the size of the memory is checked by Saleae software) and remove the jumper just beside the EEPROM (J1). Install "CySuiteUSB_3_4_7_B204" (available in the archive at the end of this page). Connect the CY7C68013A board to your computer and start "CyConsole" application. The board should now be detected as shown on the following screenshot.

Go to "Options" menu and choose "EZ-USB Interface". The following window is displayed.

Click on "S EEPROM" button and select the file "Saleae.iic" (available in the archive at the end of this page). The EEPROM is programmed as shown below.

Disconnect and reconnect the CY7C68013A board. It is now detected as "Saleae Logic USB Logic Analyser" in the device manager and can be used with the Logic software.

3. Buffering the inputs

In order to protect the CY7C68013A and to enlarge the input voltage range, I have build a small board with a 74LVC244 driver.

4. Download

"CySuiteUSB_3_4_7_B204" and "Saleae.iic" are available below.

CySuite software

The Eagle V4.13 project of the 74LVC144 Adapter is provided below.

74LVC144 Adapter V1.0