C++ programming with CodeSourcery

CodeWarrior is the environment provided by Freescale to develop applications around microcontrollers. The latest versions (V10.x) are based on Eclipse, are compatible with x64 systems and can run under Windows Vista, Windows Seven, and Linux too.

However, the free CodeWarrior Special Edition from Freescale has limitations on code size (64kB on Coldfire V1 microcontrollers), and do not permit to develop applications with C++ language.

The tutorial available on this page will help you to install and create projects in another environnement, CodeSourcery, on which it is possible to build applications with no limitation on code size, and with the possibility to use C++. Thanks to this environnement, you will be able to use all the possibilities offered by Coldfire microcontrollers !

Moreover, the open source USBDM programming cable can be used with CodeSourcery, providing a low cost but powerful chain.

The first project that you will be able to build in this tutorial is a simple "Hello World" application. It will be develop on MCF51JM128 Coldfire device, and using Firebird32.

This tutorial comes with some files required to install CodeSourcery toolchain. Feel free to contact me if you have some problems or any suggestions about this document.

CodeSourcery Tutorial and Installation Files for Windows - Revision 1.2, 2017-01-13