Ethernet Energy Meter

Do you want to reduce your energy consumption ? Of course yes. But how can you reduce something you don't measure ? This page describes my Ethernet Energy Meter, a project built to evaluate my energy consumption. It is connected to the local Ethernet network and provide results on a web page. It is based on the web server application note.

You can download the full article and source codes using the following link:

Ethernet Energy Meter - Revision 1.0, 2012-10-28

1. Hardware

The sensors are built with hall effect sensors (AH49E) and ferrites cores.

I have introduced five sensors in my fuse box. This is done by disconnecting the wanted circuits, you have to switch off the installation to make it.

The sensors and the Ethernet shield are connected on BigBrother.

2. Software architecture

The Ethernet Energy Meter project contains two independent parts: the measure of the power consumption and the web server.

The measure of the power consumption is performed according to the following schema.

The FIR filter was introduced in order to reduce the noise after the analog to digital converter. The cutoff frequency is 398Hz.

3. The web page

The web page is stored on the SD-Card of the web server. Please refer to the web server application note for more details.

Some screenshots are provided below.


This nice project shows the possibilities of BigBrother evaluation board.

Memorization and statistic functions should be added to get a powerful device measuring your consumption in order to reduce your electric bill.

The complete documentation attached to this article gives some additionnal details about this project.