iTead Joystick Shield library

A joystick shield can be useful in some applications, for example to drive a small robot. iMall proposes an interesting and cheap joystick shield with several buttons as shown on the following photo.

The iTead Joystick Shield library proposed on this page is simple and can be used on TheUno, BigBrother, and BigBrother-USB.

You can download the full article and source codes using the following link:

iTead Joystick Shield library - Revision 1.0, 2012-07-31

1. Schematic

The schematic of the shield is provided by iMall. The selection jumper B3 must be connected to the 5 volts power supply has shown below.

Finally note that the AREF pin needs to be connected to the 5 volts power supply in this application. This is not done by default on TheUno V2.0 (done on TheUno V2.1 and all the hardware revisions of BigBrother and BigBrother-USB). Connecting the AREF pin to the 5 volts power supply on TheUno V2.0 can be done using a simple wire fixed on the PCB or using an additional protoshield.

2. Software

The iTead Joystick Shield library contains two functions:

- JOYSTICKSHIELD_Init() to initialize the library;
- JOYSTICKSHIELD_GetStatus() to get the status of the joysticks and buttons.

Those functions are called according to the following schema.


This library provides very simple functions to use the iTead Joystick Shield. It will be easily integrated in your own applications.